Glastonbury – Flashback to 2011

We came prepared, despite the weather forecast, which changed 1,000 times (a slight over exaggeration) in the two weeks leading up to Glasto.

Wellies packed, copious amounts of alcohol, wet ones, toilet paper. The 6 of us set off in our pimped out Campervan on Tuesday the 21st pumped for the week ahead. The Wed & Thurs are tame as everyone is arriving and setting up camp but the grounds are open as are all the shops so you can familiarise yourself with the area. The campers came in drones and by Thursday afternoon the camping grounds were packed. It rained and it rained and it rained some more but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time.

Friday morning we heard the sound tests on the stage and we we’re excited to get in and check it out. Two door cinema club did not fail to impress. Def the highlight for Friday. We also saw the wombats, could’t get inside the tent for Katy B, Mumford & Sons were also good and of course U2 were the headliners and despite the rain we hung around for a few of their songs before calling it a night.

Saturday we had a later start and made it to the Pyramid stage in time to see Tinie Tempah, then headed over to the other for Friendly Fires. We caught Coldplay on the hill with our candles and stayed for most of the set before checking out the end of Chemical Bros. We tried to get into Arcadia to see Fatboy & Carl Cox play a special set but we’re redirected out and after 4 hours of walking and falling in the mud we called it quits and trudged home.

Sunday was a scorcher! Sun was booming from 6am and didn’t stop til about 9 or 10 at night. We caught a bit of the vaccines at the other stage then went and seen Plan B and his beatboxer Faith SFX. He absolutely blew us away, talk about talent!!! We stayed at the Pyramid stage for Pendulum & also Beyonce who was brilliant. Her cover of Alanis Morrisette you outta know was my highlight from her set. After the main stages were finished we were dertimined to get into Arcadia and see what all the fuss was about.

It was the trippiest thing the human eye could ever see. Esp the heroin mothers rolling in the mud. Can’t even begin to explain this bizarre but amazing part of Glastonbury. You have to see it for yourself.

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