The month that was May

The one with Australia…

September 2019 was the last time I saw my family & friends in Australia.

I had planned a trip home in May 2020 for my parents 60th birthdays and a weekend away in the Hunter Valley Vineyards however Covid had other plans.

The trip was postponed multiple times and was finally rescheduled for May 2022. My parents both greeted me at the airport and it felt so good to be embraced in their warm hugs again.

Dad showed off his new car and all its features as he drove us home to the suburbs. I think he was a little too distracted as he missed the exit and took us on a longer route home.

Starving, I ask Dad to take a detour via Hungry Jacks so I can pick up my special order chicken burger but unfortunately it’s not as good as I remember.

My brother had tested positive just before I flew home so I wasn’t able to see him til a week after I landed.

I spent the next few weeks visiting old friends, catching up over coffees, meals or drinks. It honestly felt like no time had passed at all.

A lot of time was also spent cleaning out my parents house, cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer, box by box.

My favorite place to spend time was in the vegetable garden out the back in the sunshine. Clearing the weeds, turning the soil, propping up the plants. They had potatoes, shallots, strawberries and cherry tomatoes.

I got to spend time with Grandma, my great Aunts and my second cousin. My Grandma at 92 years old and my great Aunty who is 79 still play the Chinese tile game, mahjong. So I made sure to play a few rounds with them. ( NB: This game can last hoursss!).

I was fortunate enough to attend two of my friends baby showers. One is expecting a girl and the other will be a surprise. So some exciting news is definitely due soon.

I got to spend some time in nature, had an overnight hospital stay due to an anaphylactic shock, saw some amazing rainbows and of course ate some incredible food.

I was excited to come home to Dubai though as I got to pick up my new wheels. Welcome to the family Kuro. No more rental car. A car that matched all my specs and within my budget. It feels so nice to have a new car again. As Drizzy would sing “ took it off the line no mileage”

Catch’s up commenced back home. A fresh manicure was had. Another awesome ice pool event connecting with like minded people. And I treated myself to a beautiful bunch of rainbow lilies as a congratulations to myself.

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