June recap

Only 4 months late…

I rebooked my trip to South Africa for the UAE National Day long weekend.

My last trip to SA was back in 2006. I don’t even think I drank wine back then, especially not red.

I went for a ladies night for the first time in a long time where I spent the night catching up with some colleagues and an old friend over drinks and some good food.

After having breakfast at a chocolate factory on the weekend, I tried on a Rolex (a girl can dream) bought some jewelry (from gold & diamond park) and ended the evening at a new Chinese restaurant in DIP.

I did some cold immersion therapy AKA ice bath, celebrated a friends birthday by learning how to make pizza and finalized my trip to London.

I went Wakesurfing, ate the rainbow, partied like a rockstar, did some more ice therapy, ate tacos, went to the museum of the future and then BOOM… Covid. 13th June 2022. I had dodged it for over 2 years. I didn’t think I was invincible but I did think my immune system was pretty good and I’m pretty healthy in general. I guess dancing in close proximity to others in an enclosed space for hours didn’t help. So I made a pact with myself that for the next 10 days since I was quarantining at home I was not allowed to order any takeout or deliveries and had to cook or prepare every meal.

It was tough as the first few days knocked me down. I was pretty much bed ridden but still managed to stay hydrated, drink fresh juices and prepare healthy meals.

I started playing basketball 🏀 after watching the movie Hustle. I visited some old faves and shared some memories of my grandma who would of been 100 this year. And last but not least rounded out the month with some belated birthday celebrations for my bestie with a 15 course all vegetarian meal at Avatara.

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